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j00 is teh s4wk!!!1 31/05/02 01:47 GMT
This update sees word of a new map from myself. The file name is RPG100B1, and the title is "s4wk". It was entered into the third 100 Brush contest, and thus it's not available for download on its own. Since the judging is not complete, the pack of contest maps is not available for download. To sum it up, you can look but you can't touch. Not to worry, though, as the judging should be finished up real soon, and then you can play all the new Q1SP maps. In the meantime, check out the pictures and info of RPG100B1, and read the new IRC LotD update.

Oh, and this one's for you, Than. You r4wk, Than!

Anti thank yous for this update go out to ELEK. You s4wk, ELEK.

Tweakage and Llamas 17/04/02 19:41 GMT
Not much in this update, really. Just some tweaked HTML code, fixed the Sam picture in the Images section on the Misc page, and updated the IRC LotD again.

SM32: Shut Up RPG! 11/03/02 23:51 GMT
I finally updated the Maps page to include SM32: Shut Up RPG!. Odds are that you already have it if you want it, but if you haven't played it, you should, as it's a fine map.

A new log titled "rabbits" is on the Misc page, and the IRC LotD log is updated again.

Boots 06/03/02 15:45 GMT
It is an odd irony that life can be taken before you know it is gone, and yet life takes so long to conceive.

I look for him in places he used to be: under the stairs, behind my chair, in front of the door. Where is he? He must be on the path. I hear him still (there! Outside!) but I know I am only hearing things. I still look for him when I come home, only to catch myself when I realise that he is not here. He has been part of me for so long that I'm not sure what to do.

Those were good times, but now they are gone. Why do we never appreciate what we have until it is gone?

Old News Logged + New Pic 04/03/02 16:09 GMT
Old news is now, err, old news. It's on the Archive page where it should be.

A new pic of an interesting Quake error is up on the Misc page, and the IRC LotD has been updated once more.

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